Upcoming Workbee Dates

Welcome to Mesaba Co-op Park! Never been here before? We can’t wait to meet you! Been here before but it’s been a long time? We can’t wait to see you back! Been here lots but haven’t been to a work bee lately? We can’t wait to see you and your tools! Whatever the case, summer has never been better here at the Park. Come swim, hike, camp, or just stay the day. Make sure you check in with the Park caretaker, when you arrive. Show your pride and enjoy the Park!
2016 Workbee Schedule
May 20th-22nd
June 10th-12th
July 15th-17th
August 19th-21st
September 16th-18th
If possible, RSVP to  Vaara at v.ostrin@gmail.com and list your skills or ideas for improving the park.