Mesaba Co-op Park has been member owned since 1929.  Members receive the Park newsletter, and a 20% discount on individual (not group) rentals, access to the sauna, as well as the right to vote at the Park’s annual meeting.

Following an tradition, the cost of a member share is $5.00. Members also contribute an annual membership assessment fee of $25.00.  Annual assessments assist the Park with maintenance, operations, and payment of property taxes.

Membership applications are available on request, and require sponsorship by a current Park member.  We strongly encourage you to visit Mesaba Park before applying for membership.  Members are invited to participate in one Workbee (weekend work party) each year.  If that is not possible, they are welcome to make an additional financial contribution to support park operations.

Membership applications are available by contacting the Park manager by phone (218/262-1350) or by email: or by clicking here: Membership Application.