Members buy into the park with a small equity investment, and then continue to contribute through regular fees or through participating in one of the “workbees” which take place five or six a year, and accomplish much of the maintenance of the park, a tradition dating back to its very beginning.

Workbee News

Workbee News from 2017

The last workbee of the year will be held September 15-17. Check the calendar for more information here:

Workbee News from 2011

With the help of enthusiastic and talented Park volunteers, dedicated
board members, and our hard working manager, we raised the west
side of the pavilion and replaced the sagging foundation footing;
insulated, sheetrocked, and painted the office building; prepared a
new site and built an elevated platform for the yurt; installed a new
kitchen sump pump; provided new mattresses in cabins 1, 2 and 3;
upgraded the shower stall; and expanded the perennial gardens.

Workbee news from 2010

With the help of members and friends who attended workbees, or worked on special projects this summer, we prepped the new building site, completed the RV electrical upgrade, repaired Cabin 5 electric, refurbished (saved!) the boathouse, stained the sauna exterior, raked, hauled, painted, trenched electric and water lines to the new office building, and roofed the office building.

Workbee news from 2009

Completed removal of the manager’s trailer debris, Seeded the lawn, Stained all decks and the sauna, Built and stained breeze-way railings and ramp, Repaired and painted the wellhouse, Painted floors of Best Rest and Pesula, Replaced outhouse roof, Repaired screen door and ceiling in cabin 1, Installed countertop in cabin 2, Cleaned and re-lined fire pits, Painted Tyomies shed and ticket booth, Repaired cabin railings and steps, Reorganized trash/recycle areas, Installed kitchen dish stands, Repaired the swimming raft, Measured historic buildings, Primed dance hall door, Installed benches at the beach, Organized the kitchen & storage area, Cleaned boat house, Laid new wire to upgrade electric service to the RV sites, Hung archival photos and art in the Pavilion dining room

Workbee news from 2008

Cleared brush and deadfall from old campsites across the lake, collected firewood for campfires and sauna, planted perennial bulbs and flowers, repaired yurt damage incurred by winter storms, restored and installed donated dock sections, repaired swimming raft, patched pavilion roof, cleaned and emptied cabin #4, repaired roofs on outhouses, cleared out manager’s trailer in preparation for demolition, hauled away old boats, scraped pavilion in preparation for painting, built three beautiful new tables for pavilion deck, leveled and installed birch hardwood flooring in cabin #2.

Workbee news from 2007

Pavilion corner stabilized, roof patched, woodsheds stocked, cabins & pavilion spring cleaned, sod added near cabins, apple trees and flowers were donated, planted and watered throughout summer, trails cleared and solar pathway lights donated for trails, brush was brought to bonfire, new firewood sale sign made, ticket booth door repaired, banners upgraded, old docks donated and repaired, picnic tables stained, ramp extended and 3’ door added to bathrooms, yurt floor repaired & painted, truckload of sand and gravel donated and spread, landscaping done along path to sauna stove and continuous groundskeeping and cleaning throughout summer.

Workbee news from 2006

Many landscaping and ground26-mar-08 lake level gradually dropped, park members made their way around by canoe collecting the old cans and bottles that began to surface around the shoreline. A small dock was put out at the boat landing. A new lush layer of sod was put in below the cabins and sauna. A dangerous stump was removed from the walkway down to the sauna from the cabins. The eroded trail down to the lake from the cabins was filled in with layers of rock, gravel and straw. Drain tile was put in around the hillside of the sauna and covered with gravel. Pathways along Pine Hill were designated with wood chips and pole rails. A parking area along pine hill was designated with cedar posts and rails. Road maintenance was done to fill gravel in the washout caused by heavy spring storms, and a culvert was put in crossing the road down to the pavilion. Local excavator Dick Lind donated a truckload of a gravel/sand mix which his son Tom used to fill in the washed-out gulley around the loop. They also donated a load of black dirt for the sod at the cabins. The pavilion lakeside steps were rebuilt and stained. The Best Rest bathrooms were scraped and repainted, and water leaks in the basement were fixed. Screens in the sauna porch were replaced, and screen doors in cabins 1 and 5 were repaired. Continuous maintenance was done on the cahinsaws, mowers and trimmers. Cleaning in the sauna, kitchen and dining hall, the cabins, bathrooms and outhouses was also continuous. Many truckloads were driven to the Cherry dump for park trash and recyclables. Also there was plenty of weed trimming, planting and upkeep of flowers throughout summer. Hornet nests were removed from the dance hall entrance and the information booth. The midsummer banner was updated… the list goes on.