87th Anniversary Midsummer Festival

June 24-26, 2016

Please join us for this year’s 87th annual Midsummer Festival where we come together for the summer solstice and the changing of the season. This festival is family friendly and very cooperatively centered. We work together to build friendships and a positive and lasting impact on one of the last remaining Coop Parks in the United State

Join us for Midsummer!

2016 Schedule of Events

The 87th annual Midsummer Festival is June 24-26, 2016.  This year’s theme is “Paradise is the Park.”  Everyone is welcome!  On Friday evening, after a BBQ supper, Charlie Ezell is the M.C. for an Open Stage Cabaret.  This is an opportunity for Park members and others to showcase their unique talents — music, spoken word, humor, dance, you name it!  Festive attire is encouraged. Following the Open Stage will be a raft fire on the lake and Lakeside Remembrances.

Saturday begins with breakfast, morning yoga in the yurt, and the “Mesaba Café,” a two-hour informal storytelling and music sharing, complete with refreshments. Lunch will be served at Noon in the dining hall.

At 1:30 p.m., a panel presentation and dialogue, “Leadership 2016: Who Speaks for You?” will be held in the Dance Hall.   Panelists include Aaron Brown, radio personality and college instructor; Marshall Helmberger, editor of the award winning newspaper, The Timberjay, and Nevada Littlewolf, Virginia City Council member and activist.  (See links below for speakers.) Special activities for children 5-12 years old will be offered throughout the day.

Terrence Smith’s Maypole Dance for all ages will enliven the crowd before the social hour on the pavilion breezeway. Dinner is a creation by chef Colleen Betts of Food Magic — a mouth watering menu featuring amazing Finnish dishes for vegetarians and omnivores alike.

Following dinner, Oscar Forsman kicks-off the all-ages traditional dance.  Then the evening accelerates as “The Brass Messengers” take the stage. (www.brassmessengers.com)  At 11:00 p.m, the Midsummer Juhannus bonfire will be lit.

Sunday events include breakfast, a poetry circle, the Park’s annual meeting, and mojakka (beef stew) cooked outdoors over an open fire.  Admission is $15 (adult) for the weekend and includes free camping.  Children under 13 enter for free.  Meals are available at additional cost.

Speaker links:

Aaron Brown:  www.minnesotabrown.com

Marshall Helmberger:  www.timberjay.com

Nevada Littlewolf:  www.railconnects.org

Our Flyer, please share! Midsummer Flyer

3 thoughts on “Midsummer Festival

  1. Hi there Park Floks!
    I am really looking forward to midsummer festival. I have hopes to get up for workabee next Saturday am – unfortunately I can only stay till about 1:30.
    My family members have a dog they want to bring along to midsummer. Is it acceptable to bring a dog if it is leashed and picked up after? Please let me know -thanks! Colleen

    1. Hi Colleen,

      Dogs are allowed at the park. The rules are pretty simple dogs need to be leased and picked up after.

      Looking forward to meeting you at the Midsummer.


  2. FYI: Midsummer theme this year to be something along the lines of “The Personal is the Political” with the idea that we will have lots of different workshops pertaining to lifestyle (i.e. organic gardening) so that everyone will be able to do at least one or two depending how ambitious they are. Details to come!

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